US Warns Global Community of Looming Threat from Somalia’s ISIS Faction

ISIS faction in Somalia poses global threat, according to US
WASHINGTON – Headquarters on American soil have finally acknowledged the might of IS-Somalia, primarily rooted in northern Northeastern State where sporadic attacks plague locals.

Despite training foreign fighters for a while, this group has been largely overlooked by intelligence, with more focus placed on their competitor, Al-Shabaab, which destabilizes the region by controlling vast areas of Somalia.

However, top US officials are now alarmed by the burgeoning influence of ISIS militants in Somalia. They’ve flagged the financial muscle the group possesses to potentially shelter ISIS’s global leaders, originating from the Middle East.

One senior US defense official noted IS top brass see Africa as fertile ground for investment, with more freedom to operate and expand. They’re moving their caliph to the region.

Offering strategic direction, the caliph could foster growth beyond current expectations, according to the official, who wished to remain anonymous when discussing espionage matters.

Reports from VOA suggest rumors that IS emir Abu Hafs al-Hashemi al-Qurashi made his way from Syria or Iraq via Yemen to Northeastern State’s semi-autonomous enclave. This follows Somali security alarms regarding IS-Somalia’s bolstered strength, partly due to an influx of Yemeni fighters.

Highlighting the heightened US focus, another US official confirmed an airstrike late last month near Dhaadaar, 81 kilometers southeast of Bosaso, targeting IS-Somalia leader Abdulqadir Mumin.

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Initial findings suggest Mumin was killed in the strike, but this claim remains unauthenticated. Nonetheless, at least three Somalis and three foreigners were injured according to the reports.

On the ground, senior Somali security believe Mumin might have dodged the strike due to his residence in areas devoid of telecommunication networks. Regardless of the strike’s outcome, US officials maintain their unwavering vigilance.

“We’re keeping our sights firmly on the terrorist threat,” White House national security communications adviser John Kirby stated on Monday, alluding to the strike’s significance.

He emphasized the persistent danger, reiterating the necessity to actively pursue the threat.

However, speculations about IS sending its global leader to Somalia and suggestions of Mumin’s elevated status as caliph are met with skepticism from some ex-counterterrorism experts and analysts.

Edmund Fitton-Brown, ex-UN counterterrorism bigwig and current senior adviser for the Counter Extremism Project, acknowledged Mumin’s importance within ISIS-Somalia and ISCAP.

Nonetheless, Fitton-Brown pointed out the organization’s racial biases, hinting they may not be ready for an African caliph, given their penchant for claiming descent from Muhammad.